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About Us

About Us

Grow your Grain is an organization that aims to secure the life of the farmer by providing them a guaranteed income regardless of any output in return. Our aim is to uplift the life of the farmer and simultaneously promote organic farming.

Our Mission

Our mission is to target the higher income categories of India and Overseas; to invest on the farmer’s land in return for organic crops. These investors can monitor and grow their crops as per their needs.

In this way, the consumers are satisfied with the production, quality, quantity of the crops and farmers are rewarded with fixed guaranteed income. Grow your Grain is a win-win proposition  thereby helping the farmers to build a sustainable means of livelihood.

Grow Your Grain

The word “farmer” in the present time, refers to a man surrounded with endless mental trauma that is bound to deal with thousands of uncertainties and ends up with zero revenue.

Grow your Grain is an organization that aims to secure the life of the farmer.

Grow your Grain is an organization that works with the small and marginal farmers for their empowerment and improvement of their current socio-economic condition through innovative farming strategies along with highlighting the importance of organic farming in today’s time. It is also a means to save the farmers from the economic exploitation and the intermediaries thus ensuring them a guaranteed income for their produce.

Grow your Grain is an initiative to help the farmers to surpass the mental trauma and minimize the uncertainty by giving them a guaranteed income regardless of any limiting factor. It is an economically viable step that will not only boost the sustainable livelihood of the farmer but also reduce the over-dependence on fertilizers thus increasing the potential of organic farming.

This approach will also give flexibility to the investors over the choice of crops that will be harvested. They will have access to monitor the progress of their crops in real time through smart phone applications.

According to analysts, a crop cultivated in a village goes through as many as four intermediaries before reaching the local market in a semi-urban or urban area. This drives the prices down for the farmers and increases the price for the consumers. On the contrary, our approach offers a fixed income to the farmer and also provides advances in terms of credit, equipment and seeds. This way the farmers get an alternative avenue to sell their produce.

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